"The work of the Sisters of Mercy began back in 1831 and continues across the world today, not only by Sisters of Mercy, but by those who work with them in helping students and families.

May the work begun by the Sisters in July 1886, at St. Michael's School continue through the work of dedicated and faith-filled staff, students and families."

Sister Mary Lewis (Former Principal, St. Michael's Primary School)

St. Michael's has a long history of providing education for children within the North Melbourne area. By 1868, the first St. Michael's School was built and opened on a site opposite the present day North Melbourne swimming pool. It was in 1886 that the first Sisters of Mercy arrived from Geelong to lead the education of children at St. Michael's at that site.

Many of these children were from families who were experiencing much poverty and unemployment due to the Depression. The school proved to be very important, not only in the lives of the children, but also as a great support to many needy families.


7th-Prep Orientation

12th -Christmas Carols Evening

15th-School Reports sent home

18th-Grade 6 Big Day Out

19th-Grade 6 Graduation Evening

20th-Term 4 Concludes at 1pm

It was in 1918 that the current day building was blessed  and opened by Archbishop Mannix before a crowd to be in excess of 5000 people.

St. Michael's has seen many children from all walks of life come and go through it's doors. It always has and continues to welcome, people from all corners of the world to ensure their children are welcomed into the St. Michael's community and supported to grow in all aspects of their learning.