Learning & Teaching


At St Michael’s, we believe our intention is to provide learning and teaching that responds to the educational, personal and spiritual needs of each child. Our high expectations along with happy, positive and engaging learning spaces provide opportunities for students to achieve success along the continuum of learning, ensuring that connectedness to our world is a priority.

We encourage students to be risk takers and to understand that learning from our mistakes is important to our growth as a learner. Our learning dispositions prepare students to live within a rapidly changing world.



At St Michael’s Primary School we strive to build a more just world, in response to our Gospel values and the Catholic Social Teaching Principles. We aim to foster a Christian environment which pervades all aspects of school life.  We bear witness to the love of God for all people. We draw on the rich tapestry of our multi-faith community, preparing students to live effectively in our multi-faith world. We provide opportunities to live and express our Catholic tradition. We present a range of times and spaces for the development of spiritual growth for all members of our school family.



At St. Michael’s Primary School, English is at the core to all learning. This is how we come to understand, interpret and respond to our world. All students are explicitly taught English skills and strategies in Reading, Writing and Oral Language.

Our main aims for essential learning in English are for students to:

  • read with understanding (multimodal texts)
  • develop a passion for reading
  • speak with fluency, expression and confidence
  • be active listeners
  • develop and expand their vocabulary
  • communicate their ideas through writing for different social purposes


At St. Michael’s Primary School, we believe that Mathematics is an integral part of everyday life. Number, Space and Measurement and Probability are common aspects of most people's mathematical experience in everyday situations.

Our main aims for essential learning in Mathematics are for students to:

  • demonstrate useful mathematical and numeracy skills to be successfully numerate
  • develop an appreciation and curiosity of mathematics
  • develop a range of strategies to become mathematical problem solvers
  • develop speed and accuracy in computational skills consistent with their age and stages of development
  • acquire the mathematical knowledge, ways of thinking and confidence to apply mathematics in real and abstract situations


Students at St Michael’s Primary School have access to a broad range of technological tools that assists them in developing skills, which allows them to be creative, innovative and forward thinking.

By equipping our students with the necessary skills to work with these challenges, it is our hope that we are also continuing to develop and embrace the new skills that will equip them to function with confidence and adaptability in the wider world.



Genius time, or student led inquiry is an approach driven by students' curiosity about the world around them. It encourages students to explore and develop their passions, make connections and deepen their collaborative skills. We provide opportunities for students to make proposals and work together and with their communities in shared, authentic learning experiences.

The meaning of ‘knowing’ has shifted from being able to remember and repeat information to being able to find and use it.” (National Research Council, 2007)



“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”

O.Fred Donaldson

Discovery-based learning values and acknowledges students’ interests, experiences and prior knowledge that they bring to school. We incorporate these interests and experiences, as well as ‘planting seeds’ to build new experiences in order to extend children’s learning, interest and curiosity.


St Michael’s believes that this approach to learning is crucial for our Prep to Year 2 students. Spaces in the classrooms are developed and co-constructed for students to initiate their own or teacher led inquiries to examine and learn. Additionally, students develop the learner dispositions of collaboration, creativity, persistence, problem solving and persistence.



At St Michael’s Primary School, specialist programs in Japanese, Physical Education/Sport Visual Arts is offered to all students at all levels. Our school Library is open for students to borrow weekly with their class.